“10 Things I Hate About You” Characters As Zodiac Sign

1. Kat Stratford – Scorpio

Witty and unafraid to express herself, even if it offends someone, Kat does not hold back.

2. Patrick Verona – Aquarius

Like an Aquarius, Patrick is quite cerebral and intelligent, but he also has a rebellious side and dislikes being told what to do.

3. Bianca Stratford – Libra

Bianca is kind, talkative, and somewhat flirtatious, which makes her a perfect fit for Libra.

4. Cameron James – Pisces

Cameron has a keen sense of his own emotions and is completely sympathetic. 

5. Joey Donner – Aries

Joey has an uncontrollable temper and is passionate about himself more than anything else.

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