How The Planets In Your Birth Chart’s First House Affect You

1. Sun in the 1st House

You are here to live truly if the Sun is in your first house of identification. 

2. Moon in the 1st House

You put your heart on your sleeve because the Moon is in your identification sector.

3. Mercury in the 1st House

Your identity is more cerebral when Mercury is in your first house. 

4. Venus in the 1st House

Venus makes any space in your life more beautiful.

5. Mars in the 1st House

A bold personality is created by Mars in the first house.

6. Jupiter in the 1st House

Jupiter enlarges, showers blessings, and brings good fortune.

7. Saturn in the 1st House

Maturity is bestowed by Saturn in the first house.

8. Uranus in the 1st House

When Uranus is in the first house, life is full of shocks.

9. Neptune in the 1st House

One who lives in the first house and has Neptune as a neighbor will perceive the world through rose-colored glasses. 

10. Pluto in the 1st House

Because Pluto is in the first house, you are like a snake that is always shedding its skin.

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