Tarotscope For Today: Saturday, March 9, 2024

1. Your Card for Aries is the Hermit

You may have been experiencing extreme emotional overwhelm recently.

2. Taurus: The Page of Wands is your card.

We occasionally turn to the sky in desperation and pray for guidance. 

3. Sign of Gemini The Empress is your card.

Today, you can feel internally unbalanced. Maybe, Gemini, you've been embracing your masculine energy a little too much. 

4. Cancer You have a Knight of Swords card.

Right now, you don't have all the information you require. Cancer, avoid making any snap judgments.

5. Leo Four of Cups is your card.

It's as like the once-bright spark inside of you has gone out, leaving you feeling emotionally detached.

6. Virgo Justice is your card.

You may hold people in high regard, yet it's possible that you were taken aback when someone close to you called you out on your own foolishness. 

7. Libra Card of Yours: Ten of Cups 

You're in for a lovely day full of contentment and emotional gratification. You are now able to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

8. Scorpio Pentacle Page on Your Card

People are aware that you have been devaluing yourself. You have certain objectives that you established for yourself but haven't yet accomplished.

9. In Sagittarius The page of swords on your card

This is not the moment to second-guess yourself. It's time to get moving, Sagittarius. 

10. The Capricorn Card of the Day: Knight of Cups

Capricorn, you detest the sensation that accompanies losing control of your feelings.

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