Tarotscope For Today: Tuesday, March 12, 2024

1. Aries: Ace of Swords is your card.

Find the thing that excites you the most about today.

2. Taurus: Card of the day: Queen of Wands

Take today to do what you are passionate about.

3. Gemini: 5 of Cups is your card.

You are the kind of person that thinks back on regrets from the past, despite your best efforts to ignore it.

4. Cancer: Death is your card.

Not all endings have to be accompanied with regret or sadness.

5. Leo: Card you have: Ten of Pentacles

You've been working toward a long-term goal, and now you're beginning to see some results.

6. Virgo: 8 of Cups is your card.

You have goals for your life, both short- and long-term, yet sometimes it feels oppressive to cling so firmly to those goals.

7. Libra: Two Wands is your card.

You can't expect plans to appear out of thin air if you're at a loss for what to do on a Tuesday night.

8. Scorpio: The Star is your card.

It originates from a belief that everything will turn out, even in the absence of any specific cause for such optimism.

9. Sagittarius: Card of the day: Pentacles (9).

This card is all about stability and luxury, so be careful not to spend money you don't have.

10. Capricorn: 8 of Wands is your card.

Today there can be an issue that calls for an immediate decision.

11. Aquarius: Court of Cups is your card.

Treat yourself with the same respect as you would your beloved relatives and best friends.

12. Pisces: Four of Pentacles is your card

You should probably resist the urge to buy something on impulse if you feel like it.

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