What You Would Find At The End Of The Rainbow

1. Sign of Aries

An Aries would find a boxing ring full of plush cushions at the end of the rainbow.


At the end of the rainbow, a Taurus would find an opulent, five-star buffet with all of their favorite comfort foods.

3. Sign of Gemini

A magical phone that enables Geminis to have numerous conversations at once without misunderstandings or confusion would be discovered.

4. Cancer

Cancers would discover a warm blanket fort with all of their favorite foods, movies, and an abundance of hugs from their loved ones at the end of the rainbow.

5. Leo

Leos would discover a red carpet that would lead to a lavish awards ceremony where they would be the main attraction. 

6. Virgos

Virgos would find a flawlessly planned utopia with a horde of obedient robots that cater to their every need.

7. Libras

Libras would discover a miraculous balance scale that guarantees they won't ever have to make a tough choice again. 

8. Scorpio

Scorpios would find a hidden hideaway full of the secrets and mysteries of the world, along with a crystal ball that shows them everyone they know's true motivations. 

9. In Sagittarius

At the end of the rainbow would be a teleportation apparatus that would enable a Sagittarius to travel anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds.

10. The Capricorn

Capricorns would find a personal success coach at the end of the rainbow who could assist them in realizing all of their aspirations.

11. Aquarius 

Aquarians would discover a dystopian future brimming with cutting-edge inventions and technology.

12. The Pisces

Pisces would discover a hidden underwater paradise where they could go dolphin swimming and interact with otherworldly marine life.

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