Land Rover Discovery Series 2 Price, Features & Review

Land Rover Discovery Series 2 Price, Features & Review (2)

The original Land Rover Discovery, launched in 1989, marked a pivotal moment with reliability issues. Due to its boxy shape and seven-seat arrangement, the Discovery 2 gained notoriety in 1998 after its sales success. While ideal for family transport, potential buyers must check for off-road damage. The Discovery 2 is a desirable option because of its roomy cabin and adjustable seating, even with its difficult third-row access.

Land Rover Discovery Series II Overview 

The Current Discovery Series II offers a balance between sophisticated on-road facilities and strong off-road abilities. It is positioned to compete with the 2002 Freelander, between the luxurious Range Rover and the tough Defender. The 2002 model, which came in SD and SE trim levels, had new alloy wheels and a 300-watt Harman-Kardon sound system as standard features. Hill Descent Control, Active Cornering Enhancement on the SE model, and self-leveling suspension for improved performance and safety are notable highlights.

Ergonomics become a problem, especially with the vehicle’s famous off-road ability and luxurious devices. By resolving these issues and offering more power and shoulder room, the Discovery Series II could establish itself as a top luxury SUV. It is currently an outstanding, however pricey, SUV with an interior that comes short of its stunning outward design.

Land Rover Discovery Series II Key Features:

  • Fuel Type: Petrol, Diesel
  • Transmission: Automatic (TC)
  • Engine Size: 1997 cc, 2995 cc, 2997 cc
  • Mileage: 8.9 – 12 km/l
  • Safety Rating: 5 Star (Euro NCAP)
  • Ground Clearance: 207 mm
  • Avg. Waiting Period: 3 – 14 Weeks
  • Warranty: 3 Years or 100,000 km
  • Seating Capacity: 7 People
  • Size: 4956 mm L X 2073 mm W X 1888 mm H
  • Fuel Tank: 90L, 89L

The Discovery Series II, fitted with an adaptive automatic transmission and permanent four-wheel drive, stands up to Land Rover’s strong record. The 4.0-liter V8 engine’s 188 horsepower, however, is less than competitors’ stronger V6 choices. Although there is an outstanding outlook and enough headroom and legroom for passengers, there are some difficult spaces in the hip and shoulder areas. The quality of the interior materials is good, however the structure may be better.

Land Rover Discovery Series II Design

Land Rover Discovery Exterior

  • It features Jaguar Land Rover’s new aluminum-infused chassis.
  • It measures 4,970mm in length, 2,220mm in width, and 1,846mm in height.
  • It has a 2,923mm wheelbase for generous cabin space.
  • It is a stylish and curvy design language inspired by the 2014 Discovery Vision Concept.
  • It has sleek LED headlamps, a honeycomb grille, flared wheel arches, and modern tail lights.
  • Its metropolitan Edition offers cosmetic updates and unique features.

Land Rover Discovery Interior

  • It has a modern interior with an eight-inch touchscreen infotainment system.
  • It is in Control Touch Pro, 14-speaker Meridian system, and Intelligent Seat Fold function.
  • Ample headroom for middle and third-row passengers.
  • Its Metropolitan Edition features a sliding front sunroof, fixed rear panoramic roof, and advanced tech.

Land Rover Discovery Engine

  • It is powered by a supercharged 3.0-litre V6 petrol (335bhp) and 3.0-litre six-cylinder diesel (254bhp).
  • It is Land Rover’s off-road hardware.
Modern and stylish design.Odd exterior design
Generous cabin Space and comfortThird-row not as good as the old car
Off-road ability Expensive parts and fuel economy.
Great ride qualitySome reported reliability issues.
Advanced infotainment system.
Diverse engine options.

Land Rover Discovery Series II Price

The all-new Discovery enters a new generation and offers a modern, spacious, and stylish design with prices between $61,250 and $80,650 it competes with Mercedes GLS, BMW X5, Volvo XC90, and Audi Q7.

  • P300 S$61,250 MSRP
  • P300 Dynamic SE$65,450 MSRP
  • P300 Dynamic SE (Most Popular) – $71,250 MSRP
  • P300 Metropolitan Edition$80,650 MSRP

Land Rover Discovery Car Review

Although a brilliant family car, the previous-gen Land Rover Discovery (the LR4) was underwhelming to move. Amidst rigid competition and ever-changing buying trends, Land Rover had to improve the Disco’s features, maintaining practicality and off-road prowess.

 3.5 years, 35,000 miles, My Disco II is used on long business trips and off-road with the most reliable vehicle, minor issues are fixed promptly by the dealership. Other Land Rover owners share the same positive experience.

Land Rover Discovery Series 2 For Sale

Land Rover Discovery Series Overview:

  • Seven-seater family SUVs produced by Land Rover, now under Jaguar Land Rover.
  • Currently in its fifth iteration since its introduction in 1989.
  • First new model series since the 1970 Range Rover.

Influence and Significance:

  • Considered influential as one of the first true off-road capable family cars.
  • Originated in 1989, fulfilling the initial role of the Range Rover as a utility and family vehicle.

Market Positioning and Evolution:

  • Initially positioned below the Range Rover, offering affordability and utility.
  • Evolved through generations, progressively moving upmarket to become a luxury SUV.

Successive Generations:

  • The second Discovery (1998) known as Series II, featured an extended rear body and updates.
  • The third iteration (2004) titled Discovery 3 or LR3, marked the first all-original design.
  • The fourth iteration (2009) marketed as Discovery 4 or Land Rover LR4, was mainly an update of the new generation.
  • The fifth iteration (2017) features a unitized body structure, making it lighter than its predecessor.

Structural Changes and Innovation:

  • Discovery 3 switched to fully independent suspension but retained a separate, integrated body, and frame structure.
  • Discovery 5, introduced in 2017, benefits from a unitized body structure, enhancing weight efficiency.

The Bottom Line

In conclusion, the previous-gen Land Rover Discovery (LR4) presented itself as a brilliant family car but fell short in terms of performance. Facing intense competition and shifting market trends, Land Rover responded by enhancing the Disco’s features, preserving its practicality and off-road capabilities. 

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