Horoscope For Today: Saturday, March 9, 2024

1. Sign of Aries 

There are Saturdays that are meant for dressing up and facing the world.

2. Virgo

You have people and locations to see today. The Pisces moon activates your solar social and energetic eleventh house.

3. Sign of Gemini

Even if it's the weekend, you're probably still working. Your cries of energy go, go, go. 

4. Cancer

Saturn's strict Anticipate mental changes when spending time with the Pisces moon in your solar ninth house of philosophy. 

5. Leo

Loving is simple; the tricky part is having faith in someone else.

6. Virgo

You must look out for yourself as much as you want to be what other people expect from you.

7. Libra

Attend to your somatic reactions today. Your body is aching to have its needs acknowledged.

8. Scorpio

The Pisces moon energy of today is intensely amorous. We are looking for the person we can pour our love into.

9. In Sagittarius

Take a break from chasing your perfect future today. Embrace the present moment as it comes.

10.The Capricorn

It is difficult to convey abstract emotions with words. Transparency is an element that Saturn adds.

Tarotscope For Today: Saturday, March 9, 2024