How The 1st Mercury Retrograde Of 2024 Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign (April 1-24, 2024)

1. Sign of Aries

Since you like forward momentum and you won't be getting it during these retrogrades, you will be extremely frustrated. 

2. Leo

Now is a perfect moment to take stock of and evaluate your tangible possessions, including your house, investments, and other belongings.

3. Taurus

If you have to travel during this period, just remember to pack extra.

4. Virgo

Now is the time to start making plans, particularly financial ones.

5. Virgo

You will be most impacted by retrograde in your place of employment.

6. The Capricorn

Capricorns, if you possess property, sit on whatever you own.

7. Sign of Gemini

Mercury is one of Gemini's ruling plants, thus it's very possible that you will miscommunicate with each other.

8. Libra

You will feel the impact of this first retrograde on your ego.

9. The Aquarius

Mercury is in your sign, Aquarius, and it's literally turning retro.

10. Cancer

During this retrograde season, you can have a tendency to get picky. 

11. The Pisces

Additionally, Mercury rules reasoning, and inventiveness is highly important to you as a sign.

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